To be known as Vancouver’s premiere luxury food entertainment movement, redefining the role that food plays at events, to enhance and dramatically improve the overall experience, vision and story– inspiring the celebration of love and successes in life regardless of the size and occasion. 


Our clients are treated to being a guest during the celebratory pivotal moments in their lives. Introducing the food entertainment movement, exposing new food experiences to those who have great appreciation for the opportunities in love and life to celebrate and see great value in lifestyle luxuries. Through targeted vision meetings, we connect with our clients’ values, legacy, purpose and story, to custom design inspirational menus and service to enhance atmosphere, human interaction, strengthen relationships and create memories. Our clients are extremely knowledgeable and professional; we strive to deliver that same level of professionalism to enhance their lifestyle and experiences, creating long lasting meaningful relationships built on trust and confidence.

core values

inspired ingredients

drawing inspiration from our clients’ vision and stories, incorporating the freshest most thought provoking flavors in menu design

Openness to opportunity

welcoming opportunities in love and life to create memories, stories and traditions

Ease of entertaining

treating clients to the experience of being a guest at their special event


personal, meaningful and trustworthy relationships

food entertainment Movement

inspired by newness, learning and researching to evolve personal,
professional and industry growth


inspired by love and passion, treating challenges as learning experiences to
achieve personal and professional goals

 Living life to the fullest

aligning each day to its fullest potential, driven by life long goals

culture + diversity

embracing and learning from our community through food and relationships