At design to Dine we don’t cater.
We provide the Food Entertainment experience to our clients

Design to Dine wants you to experience The Food Entertainment Movement. Our clients have great appreciation for the opportunities in love and life to celebrate.

Food Entertainment is a lifestyle

what is Food Entertainment?

Creating inspirational memories through our clients’ values and visions. 
Creating the desired atmosphere through food and service. 
Exposing guests to new food experiences in an interactive environment.
Custom designed flavors, aromas, interactions and experiences as an extension of our clients’ passions and lifestyle.

What is the Food Entertainment Process?

  1. We want to meet you!
    It is essential for Design to Dine to meet with all of our clients at their desired venue.
    Design to Dine’s Chef Owner Alison Ramage personally attends all pre quotation vision meetings – the most important step in the creative process.
    This creates a flawless, memorable food entertainment experience for you and your guests.

  2. Menu Inspiration
    You are our primary source of inspiration. 
    Inspired globally and executed locally, chef Alison’s ingredient focused cooking lays the strong foundation for her creative menus
    Extensive ingredient and product understanding contributes to new fresh recipes. 
    Her professional food and prop styling experience creates memorable plating design

  3. Custom Proposal
    After personally getting to know our clients, and the vision, Design to Dine designs a custom menu, service and quote that will best enhance your event.

  4. Food Entertaining at your event
    Intimate, personable, professional, educational, interactive and fun custom service is what Design to Dine delivers.
    Design to Dine team members are always hand selected to best represent your lifestyle and event.